About Us

The IISc Gymkhana is the sports and culture hub for the faculty and students of our prestigious, century-old Institute.  The Institute in addition to being the home for some of the brightest minds of the country also has a significant number of athletes, actors, musicians, artists and sportspersons who have represented themselves and the Institute at various levels. The Gymkhana provides all possible facilities, infrastructure and support, so that students can pursue extracurricular activities along with their research work. The Gymkhana is spread over a vast area of 26 acres in a very scenic part of the campus. At present, there are 27 clubs (sports and culture) active in the Gymkhana. The IISc Gymkhana is currently administered by Prof. Ambedkar Dukkipati has taken over as President, Gymkhana, since May 1st, 2017, and Mr. N Krishna Murthy as the Section Officer. The Gymkhana administration is supported by the Gymkhana Student Affairs Committee (GSAC) whose role is to co-ordinate the various club activities and interface between the students and the Gymkhana administration. Additionally, each club of the Gymkhana has a representative who is designated as the Club Convener. The GSAC members are elected each year from among the students of IISc. For the year 2018-19, the post of General Secretary has been allotted to Navdeep Kumar. Soumya Ranjan Das has taken the post of Sports Secretary along with Loyid Lawrence as the Cultural Secretary. The GSAC additionally consists of Core members: Debjyoti Mandol, Akshita Jain and Renuka Sahu.
The IISc Gymkhana coordinates and organizes various events throughout the year to maintain the environment of fun, unity and optimism in the Institute. Some of the events organized by the Gymkhana include the Independence Day Run, Republic Day Run, and a once-a-year event showcasing the sports and cultural activities of the clubs of the Gymkhana.
In order for any individual to excel at the frontiers of science and technology, it is essential to have a healthy body and a healthy mind. The IISc Gymkhana provides the right environment for the faculty and students in this endeavour.



Prof. Ambedkar Dukkipati

Computer Science and Automation

Mr. N. Krishna Murthy

Section Officer

Navdeep Kumar

General Secretary


Soumya Ranjan Das

Sports Secretary


Loyid Lawrence

Cultural Secretary


Debjyoti Mandol

Core Member


Renuka Sahu

Core Member


Akshita Jain

Core Member


Utakarsh Pratiush

Core Member